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What is Made In America?

Made In America Industry Collage

Ninth in a Series of Manufacturing Profiles: What is Made in America? These profiles are a follow-up to the ESA report "What is Made in America?" which estimates the dollar value and domestic-production percentage of what America produces.

Made In America: Primary Metal Products

In 2013, shipments from the U.S. manufacturing sector totaled $5.8 trillion. How much of these shipments do we make in the United States? This series of manufacturing profiles by the U.S. Commerce Department's Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) will answer that question one industry at a time. This ninth profile explores primary metal products. Previous profiles examined machinery; food, beverages and tobacco products; transportation equipment (excluding motor vehicles); chemicals; apparel, leather, and allied products; petroleum and coal productscomputer and electronic products; and fabricated metal products.

Among other findings, this report shows that the primary metal product manufacturing industry shipped $279.3 billion in products, employed nearly 400,000 workers and ranked 6th in pay among the 21 manufacturing industries with a median hourly wage of $19.34 in 2014. This represents a 5 percent premium above the overall manufacturing industry median hourly wage of $18.34. Iron and steel mills and ferroalloys account for 41 percent of the industry's revenue, with demand largely coming from manufacturers of durable goods, such as motor vehicles, machinery, containers, and construction steel.

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